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Is Honey Better Than Sugar For Weight Loss"

What can be more sweeter than sugar" Honey of course! Honey is hailed as a healthier alternative to white sugar and that’s why people do not think t...
27-01-2023 21:45

Will Drinking Lemon Water on Empty Stomach Lead To Faster We

A squeeze of lemon in hot water is often considered as the first step when trying to target excess fat. Some even consider it a silver bullet to lose ...
26-01-2023 21:46

Happy 74th Republic Day

May our Nation become more prosperous and great, an ideal place to live for the next generations to come. Happy 74th Republic Day everyone! The post ...
26-01-2023 21:46

Does Dalia Help with Weight Loss"

Dalia, also known as broken wheat/Indian cracked wheat, is a nutritious meal option that is a good source of energy and highly preferred by diabetics ...
25-01-2023 21:45

Should I Feel Guilty About Cheat Meals"

The weekend just went by really fast, hasn’t it"! Most of us on a weight loss diet, tend to schedule cheat meals during weekends because it’s the ...
24-01-2023 21:45

Can Having Soups Every Day Help with Weight Loss"

You know what actually can stir up your soul in this chilly weather" A warm bowl of soup! Truly speaking, there’s never a good season or reason to h...
24-01-2023 21:45

Is Idli Good For Weight Loss"

Idli is a staple South Indian breakfast, but now, extremely popular as an appetizing meal all over India. Made with urad dal, rice, and sometimes meth...
16-01-2023 21:47

Is Rajma Chawal Good For Weight Loss"

Rajma chawal is more than just a staple Sunday lunch, it’s a comfort food for many. Don’t we all have strong childhood memories associated with ra...
14-01-2023 21:46

7 Ways to Make Losing Weight A Lot Easier

Losing weight can be a struggle for a few and a never-ending battle for some others, and can get overwhelming too because they might be doing everythi...
13-01-2023 21:47

5 Ways To Track Your Own Weight Loss Progress

When you have made losing weight your life?s aim and top priority, and have been doing everything possible to achieve that, it?s quite natural to feel...
11-01-2023 21:46

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Embracing motherhood marks a new journey in a woman’s life – along with the arrival of the little bundle of joy, increase in responsibilities, pos...
10-01-2023 21:49

10 Evening Snacks For Weight Loss

When that 4 pm hunger strikes, don’t we all look impatiently for yummy snacks to have along with the evening cup of chai/coffee. At this time, the u...
09-01-2023 21:47

10 Foods with Healthy Fats That Help with Weight Loss

Not all fats are villains, some fats are in fact necessary for the body to function. If you dread anything with “fat” in it because you want to lo...
07-01-2023 21:46

8 Things To Order When Eating Out

This is one of the most common queries that people who want to get on a diet often ask – “Is it okay to eat out while losing weight"” Though exp...
06-01-2023 21:47

9 Delicious But Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks

Now, what scares people who want to kickstart their weight journey" The endless options of bland and tasteless food and the limited options of delicio...
05-01-2023 21:46

6 Foods High in Resistant Starch That Promote Weight Loss

Carbs have been villianized for the longest time now, but there are some carbs that actually help with weight loss. When experts say do not fear carbs...
03-01-2023 21:44

Why 2023 is a Good Year To Lose Weight"

If you are one of those million people from around the world who had decided to wait till New Year to kickstart your weight loss journey, it’s a gen...
01-01-2023 21:43

5 Weight Loss Myths To Leave Behind Before Stepping into New

There are some myths surrounding weight loss that refuse to tail off even though there is no evidence to back them up. As we step into the New Year, t...
30-12-2022 21:46

10 Roasted Things To Have As Snacks For Weight Loss

When the 4 pm hunger strikes, a bag of potato chips would look much more appealing than a bowl of soggy salad. You would rather want to have something...
29-12-2022 21:45

5 Things That Make Weight Loss Hard

Losing weight ain?t that easy and it doesn’t come packed in a fat-burning pill. Also, eating a lot of a particular healthy food that claims to have ...
27-12-2022 21:47

6 Benefits of Losing Weight with Friends

If you are sitting down to set New Year’s resolution and want to achieve all your goals, keep your health as the top priority because that’s the f...
25-12-2022 21:43

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone! May your Christmas be full of love, joy, and blessings. Image Source: 1 The post Merry Christmas Everyone appeared first on...
25-12-2022 21:43

8 Weight Loss Tips To Carry Forward in 2023

2023 is just a week away, and while we are all gung-ho about New year resolutions; there are some tips that you can carry forward from this year to th...
23-12-2022 21:49

10 Weight Loss Foods in Every Indian Kitchen

Here’s two weight loss truths you need to absolutely hear – weight loss should not be a costly affair and fat-burning cannot be triggered by ampin...
22-12-2022 21:44

What Makes Sattu a Weight-Loss Friendly Food"

There are so many superfoods out thatdo not get their due importance in a world where kale, seaweed, acai berries, receive a lot of hype. In such a s...
21-12-2022 21:43

Is Sourdough Bread Better Than Brown Bread For Weight Loss&q

Bread is the most convenient breakfast, literally takes no time to put together, and that’s why it’s a staple breakfast the world over. Especially...
18-12-2022 21:44

Is Sweet Potato Good For Weight Loss"

Eating the right kind of food can make your weight loss journey smooth and easy, but it’s essential to identify what?s right and what?s not. Foods w...
17-12-2022 21:44

10 Kitchen Ingredients That Helps Burn Belly Fat

They call belly fat stubborn for a reason – it refuses to budge even with all multiple rounds of crunches and huffing and puffing doing cardio. Bell...
16-12-2022 21:46

Is Poha Good For Weight Loss"

Since there’s a lot of emphasis on “eat fewer calories and burn more calories,” anything labeled ?low-calorie? is automatically considered “we...
13-12-2022 21:46

7 Things That Will Help on your Weight Loss Journey

Whether you want to shed extra weight just in time for your best friend’s wedding or for your own wedding, or to fit into an old pair of jeans – i...
11-12-2022 21:42

Can you Eat Curd While Trying To Lose Weight"

Remember how your mom forcefully fed you a spoonful of “dahi” before you dashed out of the door to appear for the life-changing board exams" In In...
09-12-2022 21:43

6 Small Mistakes That Slow Down your Weight Loss

Are you frustrated that even after putting in so much effort, mustering a lot of will power,following the diet to the T, becoming a gym rat – nothi...
07-12-2022 21:44

5 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Keep Weight Off

It’s a fact that the human body absolutely hates to lose weight and likes to hoard fat instead. During evolution, when food was scarce and the next ...
06-12-2022 21:53

5 Ways To Lose Excess Weight on a Budget

The price tags on annual gym memberships, a jar of protein powder, kale and avocado would give the impression that losing weight is indeed an expensiv...
05-12-2022 21:43

7 Everyday Foods with Hidden Sugar

Dieticians, nutritionists, and weight loss experts would unanimously agree that cutting out sugar from your daily diet can be a huge game-changer. Sug...
05-12-2022 21:43

8 Easy Ways To Fix Metabolism and Burn Extra Calories

Experts say a sluggish metabolism is the reason why people find it extremely difficult to lose weight. Wrong dietary choices, lack of nutrients, consu...
01-12-2022 21:44

7 High-Protein Paratha Breakfast Options

We would any day vote for ghee-laced home-made paratha over heavily-processed corn flakes (promoted as healthy by food companies) as a weight-loss fri...
30-11-2022 21:46

Are Masala Oats Good For Weight Loss"

Experts unanimously agree that oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast options out there since it is low in calories, rich in beta-glucan (a type o...
29-11-2022 21:44

Is your Job Making Weight Loss Difficult"

A majority of people would agree that losing weight is a struggle, but for those who work in regular 10-hour shifts with the pressure of meeting deadl...
27-11-2022 21:42

8 High-Protein Dals and Pulses For Weight Loss

Eggs and chicken are considered major sources of protein, and protein, as we all know, is a macronutrient that boosts metabolism and weight loss by a ...
25-11-2022 21:43

Why Weight Loss is More Than Just Exercise

So, you are still counting calories" And you are hitting the gym as well, that too 6 times a week! Absolutely great! But experts would unanimously agr...
24-11-2022 21:43

How To Get a Smaller Waist With Food

Contrary to popular belief, countless crunches and endless sit-ups would not melt away belly fat, the fork and spoon in your hands can determine the s...
23-11-2022 21:43

Ghee vs Butter – Which one is Better For Weight Loss&

Isn’t it true that just a dollop of ghee can add oodles of flavour to a bowl of plain dal and butter is the best companion with morning toast. Up un...
22-11-2022 21:44

8 Foods That Are Low Calorie But Not Healthy

There’s a lot of focus on “counting calories” right now and anything labeled “low-calorie” is automatically considered “healthy.” But ma...
20-11-2022 21:44

6 Things To Add in Oatmeal for Extra Protein

Oats is one of the healthiest breakfast meal to kickstart the day, but let’s admit, it’s too bland and that’s why food companies got innovative ...
19-11-2022 21:42

Can Anthocyanin Rich Food Help with Weight Loss"

Think the only foods that can boost weight loss are cucumbers and carrots" Well, it’s time to upend that thinking because studies have shown a nutri...
18-11-2022 21:44

Why Eating Too Less is Not an Ideal Way To Lose Weight"

The word “diet” is squarely associated with eating less or too less and crash dieting is often deemed as the shortest route possible to lose weigh...
17-11-2022 21:44

7 Most Common Reasons Why Most Dieters Fail

It is estimated that a majority of people who attempt to go on a diet, fail to reach their target and though largely lack of will power is blamed as t...
16-11-2022 21:44

7 Healthy Spreads To Slather on Bread

Bread and jam is a staple breakfast the world over, but health experts point out it’s the unhealthiest way to kickstart the day, especially when the...
15-11-2022 21:44

Here’s How Peanuts Can Help you Lose Weight

Health experts say the only reason you should buy bread is to slather on some crunchy peanut butter Do raise your hand if you can’t resist snacking...
13-11-2022 21:45

5 Unrealistic Ways To Lose Weight That Probably Wont Work

In the hope to lose weight and push the needle down on the weighing scale quickly, a lot of people tend to adopt unrealistic ways that not only prove ...
12-11-2022 21:44

6 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Weight loss can become a never-ending struggle, a goal that is out of reach, particularly if you are trying numerous shortcuts to reach there. Apart f...
11-11-2022 21:44

11 Cooking Tricks To Boost Weight Loss

Experts have always pushed the idea that theright place to start your weight loss journey is from your kitchen. You must have heard it before – get...
10-11-2022 21:43

7 High-Protein Snacks To Boost Weight Loss

Every now and then, conflicting reports come out about how we should eliminate certain food types and food categories because they can cause weight ga...
09-11-2022 21:44

7 Wrong Breakfast Foods To Start your Day With

Don’t we all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what happens when you start the day with junk food – it?s bound to ha...
08-11-2022 21:44

Do you Gain Weight During Periods"

When you suddenly feel irritable with zits and acne showing up, along with back pain, headache, and unexplained mood swings also bothering you – it...
08-11-2022 21:44

6 Foods with Protein and Healthy Fats For Weight Loss

Experts unanimously agree that protein and healthy fats help a great deal in weight loss. Both these nutrients keep us fuller for longer, boost metabo...
05-11-2022 21:43

Can Snacking on Trail Mix Boost Weight Loss"

People are often confused about what kind of snack they can have during dieting which would not jeopardise their weight loss efforts. Life is not all ...
04-11-2022 21:43

7 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

No one ever said that losing weight was a cakewalk and we do agree that it’s a process, but this process can be expedited and that too by safe means...
02-11-2022 21:47

5 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Totally Ignore

There is an incessant stream of information out there on how to lose weight and what to avoid to lose weight, but most of them have hollow claims. And...
01-11-2022 21:47

9 Simple Dietary Changes That Boost Weight Loss

Sometimes all you need to kickstart your weight loss journey is to make tiny dietary changes, and that would set the stage for success. It’s not nec...
30-10-2022 21:43

7 Weight Loss Mistakes Keeping you Overweight

Don’t tell us you have tried every fad diet there can ever be and still find it difficult to shake off the excess pounds. We understand the struggle...
28-10-2022 21:45

7 Foods That Help Curb Intense Cravings

Most of the times, the most common reason why people fail to follow through their weight loss program is their intense cravings for unhealthy and junk...
27-10-2022 21:43

Can Soaked Figs Boost Weight Loss"

There are many superfoods that do not get their due importance compared to other over-hyped foods like chia seeds and blueberries, and “fig” is on...
26-10-2022 21:43

6 Reasons you Stopped Losing Weight

There’s nothing more disappointing than when your weight loss journey comes to a screeching halt after just a few weeks on it and you can no longer ...
25-10-2022 21:49

5 Reasons you are Still Overeating

Eating less does not always translate to weight loss but overeating will most definitely translate to weight gain in the future. Most of us are confus...
23-10-2022 21:44

White Bread vs Brown Bread – Which One is Better

Bread and jam, bread and eggs, sandwiches these are some of the staple breakfast options the world over. Experts agree that a good breakfast can help ...
22-10-2022 21:43

6 Sugar Substitutes To Make Diwali Sweets

Diwali is finally here! The festival of lights is also the festival of sweets, and we consider exchanging of treats and sweets as a means to spread ch...
21-10-2022 21:45

Can We Eat Chocolate While Trying To Lose Weight"

Who can melt your heart in moments, make you go weak in the knees, trigger emotions of love and passion, and someone you can say never “no” to –...
12-10-2022 21:46

4 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Durga Pooja

The biggest cultural festival of Bengal and bengalis is here. The festive mood, the spirit, the energy has reached a feverish pitch not only in the st...
01-10-2022 21:42

To Eat Fruits or Drink Fruit Juices For Weight Loss

?When life gives you lemons, make orange juice out of it and leave the world wondering how you did it.? It is an inspirational quote by Mitch Griego, ...
27-09-2022 21:43

4 Clever Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During Dusshera and Diwal

Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali – all our favourite Indian festivals are coming in quick succession and while Navratri is about fasting – Dusshera and ...
24-09-2022 21:33

Best Time To Have Tea and Coffee For Weight Loss

For half of the Indian junta, a cup of coffee is inspiration, stimulus, motivation, all rolled into one and for the rest half, ?ek pyaali chai? elicit...
20-09-2022 21:42

Can Eating Less Salt Help you with Weight Loss"

Obesity is an ongoing pandemic the world over and the main causes are excessive calorie intake and sedentary lifestyle.But salt has received a lot of...
14-09-2022 21:36

How Not To Drink your Coffee While Dieting

To drink or not to drink coffee on a diet" That’s the question plaguing people who are planning to go on a diet but cannot think about functioning w...
12-09-2022 21:36

9 Tips To Make Weight Loss Easier

Doing gruelling workout routine in the gym to melt away extra fat is not everyone’s cup of tea. And losing weight definitely does not have to be suc...
06-09-2022 22:01

How To Lose Weight as a Vegetarian

There’s a huge misconception that losing weight is a tad bit difficult for vegetarians compared to non-vegetarians who have endless food sources to ...
03-09-2022 21:59

6 Tips To Manage your Hunger While Trying To Lose Weight

Guess what can act as the biggest roadblock when you have embarked on the journey to lose weight – hunger pangs! The frequency and intensity of hung...
30-08-2022 22:00

4 Foods To Completely Avoid To Lose Tummy Fat

Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously said, “if it jiggles, it’s fat,” and most women would admit that nothing can be more jiggly than belly fat ...
26-08-2022 21:54

Happy 75th Independence Day

A great day to remember and salute the sacrifices of freedom fighters and all countrymen who fought bravely to free this nation. A day to celebrate th...
15-08-2022 21:38

Right Way To Eat Fruits on a Weight Loss Diet

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the role of fruits with respect to weight loss – with a certain section of people claiming that most frui...
14-08-2022 21:36

Happpppy Birthday Ms. Singh :*

Wishing Happiest Birthday to a wonderful soul, a beautiful woman, and an awesome personality. You inspire so many and show us that everything is possi...
13-08-2022 21:40

10 Inexpensive Ways To Lose Weight

Gym memberships are expensive, so are heavily promoted protein powders, and of course super-hyped superfoods like kale and acai berries are insanely p...
12-08-2022 21:40

5 Ways to Lose Weight without Giving up your Favorite Food

Love ghee-laced gajar ka halwa" Cannot absolutely think about abstaining from street-side chole bhature for the rest of your life, even though you des...
10-08-2022 21:37

Ditch These 11 Things To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Losing weight need not be a complicated process, it’s more about being in calorie deficit, being physically active, and also last not but the least,...
04-08-2022 21:36

6 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight

There are many expected and unexpected benefits of losing weight – smaller-sized clothes fitting better, improved lab profile, improved self esteem ...
29-07-2022 21:36

Sick of Eggs" Here are 6 Foods with More Protein Than E

From nutritionists to fitness gurus, there’s a reason everyone is asking you to amp up your daily protein intake and most of them unanimously agree ...
26-07-2022 22:04

5 Coffee Habits that Help with Weight Loss

Raise your hand if you cannot function without having coffee first thing in the morning, it’s okay to be completely obsessed about that steaming cup...
22-07-2022 21:36

6 Lunch Tweaks That Will Maximize Weight Loss Results

Following a weight loss diet may seem like an intimidating project to undertake – there’s a lot to forsake – giving up on your favorite food, sl...
19-07-2022 21:38

10 Instant Foods To Cut Down To Lose Weight

Most of lead extremely busy lives and when hunger pangs strike when we are busy meeting deadlines, instant food comes as a convenient choice. There ar...
15-07-2022 21:47

9 Expert Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

If you are procrastinating about making that important decision to start on a weight loss journey because it involves overtraining at the gym and food...
12-07-2022 21:38

10 Reasons Why Eggs are Good For Weight Loss

Egg is one food that everyone should have on a daily basis, irrespective of whether you want to lose weight or not. It’s a rich, nutrient-dense food...
08-07-2022 21:38

9 Things To Keep in Mind if you Want To Lose Weight This Yea

The year is racing past really soon, we already are halfway through the year now! But that strong resolution that many of us had made at the beginnin...
06-07-2022 21:40

Why PCOD Makes it Hard To Lose Weight"

Excessive facial hair growth, irregular periods, hair fall, acne – these are some common symptoms women with PCOD often suffer from, and adding to t...
05-07-2022 21:40

Metabolic Compensation and How It Prevents Weight Loss

Do you often feel that when you are working with sweat and blood to lose weight and get lean, your body is putting up a stronger fight and throwing a...
02-07-2022 21:36

10 Common Foods That Help in Burning Tummy Fat

We all know belly fat is extremely hard to shed and is therefore called stubborn fat. Belly fat can be of two types ? subcutaneous fat (layer beneath ...
30-06-2022 21:36

10 Foods That Contribute The Most To Weight Gain

While we tend to associate anything with “fat” written on it as a high-calorie food, there are certain other foods that contribute in a much more ...
28-06-2022 21:50

Eating Fats Won’t Make you Fat, But These Things Will!

Whoever told you eating fats would make you fat, has got his/her facts absolutely wrong! Eliminating fats is an absolutely wrong strategy to follow wh...
25-06-2022 21:34

7 Worst Cooking Oils For Weight Loss

Running on the road to get healthy, lose weight, and fit" Then, take a pause and eliminate foods that act as roadblocks, like transfat, added sugar, r...
22-06-2022 21:35

12 Weight Loss Foods that Actually Make you Fat

It’s a constant struggle for people trying to melt awayextra fat to navigate through aisles of supermarkets, consciously looking for healthy food t...
14-06-2022 21:37

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