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Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit"

Beauty and Cosmetics News
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Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit" Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit"

Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit"

When it comes to skincare and taking care of acne or breakouts, there are multiple misconceptions and opinions on what you should and shouldn?t do to control it. Ever had a huge zit and been dying to squeeze it but stopped yourself" Or do you swear by popping your zits on the regular" We?re here to give you the lowdown on just how to treat your zits.
When You Should Pop a Zit

The only time you should squeeze a zit is if it is filled with visible pus. Even then, this should be done by a doctor or professional who has clean, sanitized tools. This will prevent any infection or a further spread of bacteria, which can cause more zits.
Why You Shouldn?t Squeeze Your Zits

It’s very tempting when you have a zit that needs squeezing. The majority of the time, squeezing it can cause further swelling and redness, making the zit appear worse and also making it sore. Squeezing it won?t improve the appearance of it or the time it takes to disappear completely. What Happens When You Squeeze Zits" 

Squeezing zits can also lead to further breakouts and potential scarring, which can permanently damage your skin. As zits contain bacteria, squeezing them can cause this bacteria to spread once the zit has burst, causing new zits to form in other areas. You are also transferring new bacteria to the zit from your hands once you squeeze, increasing the likelihood of new zits developing.
Introducing new bacteria to the zit not only causes infection, but it can also cause dis...
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Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit" Is There a Right Time to Squeeze a Zit"


Source of news: youbeauty
Source of publication: 24-11-2020 21:53
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