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Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video

Beauty and Cosmetics News
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Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video

I told you this week would be rather heavy on the Chanel, but I couldn’t write about their amazing Nail Gloss without then going on to reveal the ins and outs of the new autumn launch, Le Rouge Collection No.1. (If you’re astute and read between the lines, here, you’ll realise that I spent all of my allotted work day clarting about with Chanel stuff and didn’t leave time for anything else. I have red Chanel things coming out of my ears.)
But what a gorgeous collection – the first from their global creative makeup director, Lucia Pica. Le Rouge is a beautiful collection of makeup for eyes, nails, cheeks and lips using the colour red as a sort of underlying theme. Sometimes its used boldly, in the bright cherry-red lipsticks, for example, but often its included in a more subtle or surprising way – when was the last time you saw a brick red eyeshadow, or red-tinged mascara"
I’ve played about with my favourite items from the collection on video – it’s not a perfect, polished look, because I was quite literally just messing about with the camera rolling, but you get a good idea of how the products can be worn. I found it quite liberating splashing on red shadow and then a clashing red lip – it seemed to go against all of the makeup “rules”, but felt so good! The reddish shadow from the Candeur et Experience palette seemed to brighten my eyes instantly, and I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot g...
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Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video Chanel Le Rouge Collection No.1: On Video


Source of news: amodelrecommends
Source of publication: 15-08-2016 21:33
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