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6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes

Beauty and Cosmetics News
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6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes 6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes

6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes

Want to learn some simple and effective MAKEUP HACKS to shake up your makeup routine"
Then look no further than this less than 3 minute video I created showing you some easy tricks on how to do anything from a winged eye, an eye brightener trick, to getting the illusion of fuller lips with just any old lipstick and highlighter.
Watch now by clicking on the arrow, then keep reading for my in-depth breakdown of each makeup hack and how to do them yourself. 

Below I?m going to break down EACH hack shown in the video, step-by-step, so you understand exactly WHAT I?m doing along with the exact TOOLS I used and HOW to do it yourself.
Tools needed :
– Nexcare Flexible clear skin tape
– your favorite liquid liner, I used NYX Epic Ink Liner I use the Nexcare brand of tape that?s for actual skin because regular scotch tape can be too sticky for the face IMO. If you have to use regular tape, be sure to place it on the back of your hand and pull on and off a few times to take down the harsh stickiness before applying to the face. Take a few inches of tape and apply diagonally from lower lash line up towards last brow hair to create the dramatic slant you want for your wing. Take your liquid liner and start drawing along the edge of the tape and color in and create a small triangle shape connecting to your lash line. Make sure that liner is completely dry before removing tape.
Tools needed :
– a ...
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6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes 6 Easy Makeup Hacks In Under 3 Minutes


Source of news: jennysuemakeup
Source of publication: 19-01-2021 21:48
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